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Sabatti vs bergara

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Sabatti STR – From the shooting range to the hunting field

Bergara rifles. Thread starter jschroed Start date Apr 24, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Dec 3, 4 22 38 MN. I'm not able to find much about their rifles. They appear to be nice. I like the fact that the action is build on the so many assesories are available. Has anyone owned, handled or seen any of there rifles?

I'm interested in what you have to say. Apr 2, 16 0 2 AZ. I picked my HMR up on Saturday. If you look on their Facebook page, you will see some good pics and videos on the HMR. Feb 19, 69 Northern VA charliescustomclones. I would love to hear how the rifle package shoots. The barrels are very impressive. But, then again, over the last two years, there have been so many improvements and new ish players in the barrel area. It used to be Kreiger and a handful of others, and now, prices are down, supply is up, and reliability is much better.

Reactions: SonicBurlap. Feb 13, 10 1 6. Also interested in how it shoots, and how the action and trigger stacks up to a tikka. Im in the market for a tikka or the bergara just been waiting for some feedback on the hmr or bmp. Sep 7, 4, 8, Denver CO. I dont own one.The STR Sabatti Tactical Rifle is an all-Italian weapon intended for "field" use: very accurate and enjoyable at the shooting range, it can be used with great satisfaction even when hunting.

The STR completes the range of Sabatti tactical riflesbut, unlike the previous ones, it's designed as a multipurpose "field" gunto be used for both at the range and on the hunting ground. The action is a classic Sabatti type, to which an Accuracy International 5-round magazine is added. The latter can be released by pushing a lever outside the trigger guard. The barrel is 66 cm long and has a diameter of 22 mm, which makes the STR a heavy rifle but at the same time suitable for prolonged shooting sessions.

The muzzle is threaded and provided with both a muzzle brake and a thread cover. The bolt, that also shows the typical Sabatti design, features a tactical handle knob.

The trigger system can be, at the buyer's choice, a match type with three levers or the new two-stage one. The tactical stock is made from an aluminum alloy and is fully adjustable in both height and length, and can also be folded to reduce size during transport.

The rifle can also be ordered with no stock if desired, since it is fits all M4-type stocks.

Tikka t3x vs Sako A7s 615 meters

It is equipped with a 20 MOA Picatinny steel rail, in addition to the other rails on the barrel that can mount any accessory at will. Finally, between the barrel cover and the stock, a little further in front of the magazine, there is a rod for a better grip and easier transport.

We at all4hunters tried the STR in. The rifle proved to be very accurate at all distances, both with and grains bullets, irrespective of whether they were hunting or shooting cartridges. Unfortunately, the rifle weight compromises the possibility of using it in some hunting actions, limiting it to those hunts where it is not necessary to walk a lot. A special thanks goes to Manfred of the Jagdpunkt gun shop in Merano, a man capable of perfecting a perfect weapon.

For more information please visit Sabatti website. The Sabatti ST is a "multi-purpose" bolt-action rifle that can express its best performances in many different situations: competitive sport shooting, professional use and hunting.

We tested the 6. In a press conference at the company's headquarters in Gardone, Italy, Sabatti introduced today the new Tactical EVO bolt-action rifle. Read here why this model is so innovative. It's available now! Watch our video-test too. It will be the gun we will test in the coming hunting season: the latest ER version of the Sabatti's Saphire rifle is lightweight and durable, with new stock and barrel features that make it suitable for long-range shooting.We have a local gun store in town and I went there today to take a look.

It sounded like he meant that the Bergara was as good as the Tikka. Any suggestions? No one here knows you better than you do. I think I would follow the advice of your local gun store in this matter.

Local person is always better than some unknown person on an internet forum. Take good care.

Bergara rifles

You might be right. But I've never heard of Bergara before, so I was hoping someone knew how they are. Remove Advertisements. Originally Posted by Ol3. Last edited by nvshooter; at AM. Spanish made guns have never had a good enough reputation to bring such prices and I see no justification for it in their looks.

sabatti vs bergara

Even the barrel contours are as cheap as they can make them. I'd call it the 'Weatherby effect' in action. Two touching and three flyers is not a quarter inch group. Last edited by JBelk; at PM. Irv S. Just checked Gunwatcher. Break open single shot are less. Don't know much about the Bergaras except that they were originally barrel makers. You can't go wrong with a Tikkas verses a gun that seems to be unknown. I told you so. Now and then I'm right. What is the purpose of this rifle?Emily Damment.

The gun was not too bulky for some early Autumn pest control over the rapidly re-growing fields, quite frankly, the Hausken moderator is one of the best! PROS: Probably the best of all the chassis for long range prone shooting; I love the adjustability on the stock; Adjustable trigger mine could have done with two minutes tinkering but at least this is possible ; Creedmoor is a beautiful cartridge with no real caveats, like the gun it fuels.

RUAG www. After shooting a few guns designed to meet the rulebook of a new trend, you soon notice at first glance what is going to impress or disappoint you. This is my first encounter with the 6. Bergara first came to me five or six years ago with their barrel making prowess which revolves around the button rifling process. Each blank is straightened, deep bore drilled and internally polished, before the button is drawn through to shape the grooves and lands.

It flows from All the steel is matt blacked and has withstood some carefree handling, being bumped around in off-road vehicles and back and forth off concrete benches by all and sundry. Firstly, I attended to cleaning the gun after several hundred rounds of ammunition had been put down its bore, and was pleased at the ease with which powder fouling baked on for several days cleared up.

Bergara have obviously followed in the footsteps of the Remington with major design elements, and action dimensions with all stock, magazine, scope mounting and trigger accessories being totally interchangeable. The recoil lug is still sandwiched to the action face by the barrel tenon, but slots within a recess on the action to prevent it from twisting. This is helpful if the gun is to be bedded and later have new or swap barrels added to the conventionally threaded action.

This enables forceful primary and secondary extraction after firing the relatively straight-walled case on the Creedmoor. It has a sprung plunger ejector that shows average levels of enthusiasm, which is more acceptable on a precision rifle from which you want to retain the brass than a true hunting tool that needs to fling it far and wide before a possible emergency reload.

The rear left side of the receiver has a bolt release catch which is far easier to operate than the trigger guard style seen of old before a neatly profiled bolt shroud with a visible and tactile cocked action indicator to its base.

The safety catch is a two-position unit with no bolt locking facility when safe, but it is quiet to use and will roll under the thumb of the firing hand when lifted from the grip and trigger blade.

Two pins hold the trigger to the underside of the action where the sears are locked by the safety catch rising alongside. Reach to the trigger from the under-slung polymer ARstyle grip on this type of chassis showed the usual short reach, but with good trigger operation this fundamental design attribute becomes far more predictable and comfortable. When it comes to comfort, Bergara really have thrown the gauntlet down.

This aluminium chassis is made in three sections that bolt together semi-permanently, but with great rigidity and a far less complicated strip down procedure than something like the Tikka TAC, which shows multiple interlocking directions and components. The fore-end is a stiff channel with plenty of space around the barrel for cooling and cleaning, and multiple mounting points for accessory rails.One of the most common e-mail queries I receive asks what hunting rifle I recommend.

I usually reply that the most important things about any hunting rifle, and particularly a hard-kicking centerfire rifle, is that it be well made, reliable and fit the owner. The prospective owner should be able to work the controls bolt, safety, trigger, etc. Pride of ownership is also important; if you are not proud of your new rifle and appreciate owning it, you should have purchased something else.

A prospective buyer should make a list of possible models and then visit his or her local gun shop and try each. Throw the rifle to your shoulder, operate the action, switch the safety on and off, dry fire the rifle.

Buy the one you like best, or order it if the store does not have that particular model in the desired caliber in stock. Saying this is not a cop-out and I'm not being paid by anyone in or out of the firearms industry to write the things I do. The factors mentioned above are critical, so if a recommended rifle does not appeal to youdon't buy it. Over the years I have formed opinions about the various brands and models of hunting rifles. Those e-mails I mentioned above are asking for my opinion.

That is what this article is about. I have not used every brand and model of rifle in the world and particularly not models seldom seen in the U. However, at one time I did sell rifles for a large firearms retailer and I have been an active recreational shooter for my entire adult life, as well as being a gun writer, so I have come into contact with most of the well established models.

Like all shooters, I have personal likes and dislikes. I may value one feature over another for a particular application. These preferences are reflected in my recommendations. I think, for example, that a decent trigger by which I mean adjustable with a smooth pull, clean break and a pull weight of less than four pounds is very important for accurate shooting, so I am inclined to favor rifles with decent triggers. I am also a fan of wood walnut or laminated stocks. Not only do I find most synthetic stocks surpassingly unattractive, I am convinced that the great majority of them are functionally inferior to wood stocks in most circumstances.

Dil ko chune wali

See my article "Rifle Stocks" for more on this subject. Synthetic stocks are certainly inferior in resale value. As synthetics go, "composite" stocks usually mostly fiberglass are far superior to injection-molded plastic stocks.

Bergara BMP in 6.5 Creedmoor - in depth test and review

If I don't list a particular rifle that you cherish, if does not mean that it is no good; it merely means that either: a I find the features of the rifles I did list more desirable, or b I am not familiar with it. There are few really unsatisfactory hunting rifles in the marketplace and most of the poor ones are autoloaders. Note that only currently or very recently produced rifles are included in the list that follows.

I greatly admire many discontinued rifles, such as the Mannlicher-Schoenauer, but they are not included here. Nor are bespoke custom built rifles, such as the Grulla C bolt action and E double rifles. I have grouped my recommendations into categories to facilitate comparison.I was looking for a rifle to review that was aimed at the shooter on a budget that could be used for deer stalking, foxing and long- range shooting all in one when I came across an advert in this magazine for the B14 Varmint rifle, which immediately caught my eye.

A quick email to distributors RUAG resulted in a parcel delivered to me for review a few days later. To say I was impressed with the looks and build quality of this rifle, especially keeping in mind its attractive price, is an understatement. The magazine is made from a plastic polymer material, but engages and releases easily.

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The basic footprint of the rifle is very much a Remington and aftermarket extras for the should also be compatible with the Bergara. The stock felt a lot more solid and better made than most plastic factory stocks on the market, and is finished with the crushzone recoil pad and practical chequering.

The B14 was comfortable to shoot, and printed one-inch groups straight out of the box. On first handling this rifle, several things really impressed me. The first was how silky smooth the bolt cycle was; secondly the crispness of the trigger; and thirdly how smoothly the magazine functioned.

The bolt incorporates two large strong looking lugs and a round, easily gripped bolt handle that sits nicely off the stock with a degree opening.

The trigger comes set from the factory at 3lb, and though it can be adjusted, this pull weight felt practical and broke crisply with little or no creep.

sabatti vs bergara

The magazine is, like most factory rifles these days, made from a type of plastic polymer. At first I wondered if this was a little on the cheap side, but in use, it actually engaged and ejected easily from the rifle. The magazine was also easily filled, holding three rounds a four-round floorplate version is also availableand rounds slid smoothly from the magazine into the chamber when cycling the bolt.

Bergara has always been well known for its quality barrels and accuracy, and the 24in twist varmint barrel, finished in a matt bluing and free-floating in the stock, certainly looked promising. It came threaded with an M18x1 thread and thread protector. This rifle weighs in at 3.

The rifle is supplied with a set of Weaver bases, and RUAG kindly also sent a Geco scope and Hausken moderator to completed the package. Although the Geco scope performed very well, I wanted to test this rifle at longer ranges, so when the long-distance portion of the range test came round, I plumped for a Viper Pro scope with dialable turrets that I also had on test.

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Included in the box was a test target from the Bergara factory showing a reasonable group using Geco ammunition. The test target from the factory shows a group shot at 50yd with Geco ammunition.

Ats co wll

To give the rifle a good test I took it up on to the hills early next morning, and with the help of the phone app Strelok and the suggested muzzle velocities printed on the ammo box, I soon had the rifle shooting out to longer ranges with consistent results. The B14 is certainly an appealing rifle at a reasonable price, and will be in direct competition with giants such as the Tikka T3.

As for whether the Sporter or Varmint is the better choice, it could be too early to tell. Certainly, if Bergara could improve on this rifle, it would be by expanding the range to include other popular calibres such as.El presupuesto es ajustado Otros rifles de madera que he visto los descarto casi seguro: SauerHaenel J10, Tikka madera Perfecto para el rececho de corzos. Mayor retroceso que el 6,5 pero no excesivo.

Problema: peso excesivo Es casi secreto de estado!! Las maderas de los dos modelos son iguales, la diferencia es la forma de la misma. Como veo que te preocupa mucho el peso, he pesado mi Bergara B14 y, con una regleta tactica tipo Picatinny de acero, da en la romana 1.

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Muchas gracias por pesar el rifle. Con un Tikka de 2,8kg bajo gr el peso y me quedo en torno a los 3,5kg.

Mucha diferencia. Me lo voy a tener a pensar bien En cuanto al calibre, tengo una duda. Mucha mejor densidad seccional y mucho mejor BC.

Ni tu lo vas a echar en falta, y mucho menos la caza lo va a notar. Acabo de pesar todo el conjunto y me dan 4. Tampoco creo q note tanto la diferencia de retroceso entre uno y otro En fin, tengo q pensarlo.

La verdad es q eres la tercera persona q me dice q no me preocupe del peso, frente a uno q si me lo dijo. Tengo ambos rifles en distintos calibres. Se nota mucho la diferencia de peso? Supongo q mejor cerrojo el Tikka pero El gatillo de serie? Me parece la base ideal para customizarlo por calidad y precio. Un saludo a todos. El Sporter, si no recuerdo mal, pesa lo mismo que el Timber. Ni siquiera la diferencia de peso entre el Timber y el Hunter me parecen suficientes como para renunciar a la madera Por otro lado creo que los entregan a partir de abril Me dijo que uno con Savage y otros con Sabatti.

Me parece muy bonito, ligero y con muy buen precio.

sabatti vs bergara

Lo he cogido enpor cierto. He vuelto al Timber. Me han pasado las fotos de uno, nuevo, con unas maderas muy bonitas. Mayor poder de parada. Inconvenientes : retroceso equivalente al de un o mayor. Potencia suficiente hasta los m, aunque inferior a la del Muy preciso.

Os paso un enlace a un foro sudafricano, donde hay un muy interesante debate sobre estos dos calibres. Cazo con una paralela del calibre 20 y cartuchos de 26gr si no encuentro, de 28gr. Me da miedo tirar a los corzos con el 6,5 y que se vayan heridos pero tampoco quiero usar un 7mmRM, que al final tiene el mismo retroceso que un

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